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Employee Benefits Guide 2022

Employee Benefits Guide (2023)

Table of Contents

Client Advocacy Services 4

Eligibility 5

Enrollment 6

Health Benefits 7-9

Health Savings Account 10

Dental - Vision Benefits 11-12

Teladoc 13

Basic + Vol. Life Benefits 14-17

Meigs Benefit Website 18 Required Employee Notices 19+ 

Preventive Care Services

Preventive Services

Consult your doctor for your specific preventive recommendations, as he or she is your most important source of information about your health.

Looking for a health care provider

Looking for a health care provider.

Compare quality and costs before you go

Plot a course to healthy change

Plot a course to healthy change

Once you are logged in to, go to the Health center and select the Start a health action plan tile.

Learn the language of health care

Learn the language of health care

Let’s face it. Understanding health and benefits terms is like learning a foreign language for most of us.

How to read your EOB

How to read your EOB

Understanding your explanation of benefits (EOB). THIS IS NOT A BILL!

Get all your answers quick and easy

Get all your answers quick & easy.

Make your first stop You want managing your health care to be fast and easy, right? You got it. At, you’ll find everything you want to know – and need to do – as soon as you log in. No hassles. No waiting. Just the answers you’re looking for anytime, night or day!


Summary of Benefits (PPO)


Women's Preventive Health Services

Women's Preventive Services

What your health care plan covers.

Have you had your mammogram_

Have you had your mammogram?

The best way to beat
breast cancer is to detect
and treat it early.

Umr Nurses


Log in to
Select Health center from myMenu
Look for the link in the “I need to…” section

Securing your health information

Securing your health insurnace

We want you to know how to control who has access to view your health information.

Updating your other insurance information

Update your other insurance info

The importance of updating your other insurance information.


Summary of Benefits (HDHP)


Pick a go-to doc

Pick a go-to doc

Health care can be confusing, so it helps to have a health care provider on your side, who is an expert on you.

Urgent Care 2019

Local Urgent Cares 2019 

In-network Urgent Care Centers within 30 miles of Pomeroy, OH. Always confirm with your insurance carrier for most up to date details.

The life of a claim

Life of a Claim

The following chart shows how your claims are processed and paid:

Get in on what's trending

Update your profile

Share your personal information with the one person who can make a difference... your doctor.

Accidents happen

Accidents happen

If you have suffered an injury as a result of an accident, you might not be responsible for all costs related to your medical treatment.

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